Monday, April 5, 2010

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Does anyone read my blog anymore? Sometimes blogging feels a little like using a homing pigeon. You send your message out into the universe and it's unclear whether or not anyone picks it up. This is why comments feel so satisfying...

I've been thinking very seriously about shutting down this blog and moving exclusively to what was a family-friendly version. Turns out my in-laws say "Fuck" so it's no longer edited and now I write the same post twice. And when you've got 2 babes, it's hard to justify that kind of busy work.

So I have to know. Is anyone out there? And if so, would you follow me to my other blog?


  1. I'll follow you over! I enjoy reading about your two cuties!

  2. I enjoy reading about your babies too, I'll follow :)

  3. I'd follow your other blog, but only if you said Fuck from time to time. :o)

  4. I'll follow, but you still have to be funny. No pressure. :)