Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Does this baby make me look fat?

So after much deliberation about the direction I would take on this blog, I've decided to talk about one of my favorite subjects- MEEEEEEEEEE!

Don't worry your pretty little heads. I will continue to provide diaper updates and keep you apprised of how many boogers Cassidy shnockered out her nose today (8) and how many massive poos Finn spewed out of his diaper (2). And chances are, I will likely talk about my boobs....a lot...because well, they sort of take up my life when I'm not cleaning up boogers and poops.

So, I've got this mirror. Apparently, it's a magic mirror. Because when I look at myself in it I'm like, "Dayum! I am sooo hawt!!!" And then I see a picture of myself or catch my reflection in a window unexpectedly and I'm like, "What the...??? Who put the padded sumo suit on me?!"

So, we're going to have some chatting and confession time about my body and its new...er...shape and size.

I'm home. A lot. By myself with babies. A lot. Alone with chocolate cake.

And this means I can eat entire said chocolate cake and nobody is the wiser. Except maybe Brendan. I don't think he believed my story about the wildabeast who came to the door and wouldn't leave until I gave him cake. But c'est la vie! Truth be told, being home alone means you really can eat non-stop without anybody knowing your secret shame. Finn & Cassidy are silent conspirators, so I know I'm safe there.

So due to the following reasons, I will be tracking my weight and weight-loss endeavors for your reading pleasure:

1. I always want to know how much people weigh. I'm kind of a voyeur like that. I also like to look in people's windows. (Although I SWEAR I just want to know how they decorated or what their house looks like). So if people are like me, they might want to know how big my rear end is and whether or not it's getting smaller or bigger.

2. I always like to hear about people's weight-loss- whether it be successes or failures. Oh, and I'm interested in REAL stories. To clarify- If you lost all your pregnancy weight in 1 week and were prancing around in your size 4s, I do NOT want to know about it as I will disown you from my life.

3. I need to be accountable to somebody for my weight. Why not the internetz??? Hell, I tracked my stratospheric weight gain, why not the painfully arduous task of losing it? And I get to negotiate the hellfire gauntlet that is losing weight while still trying to produce enough breastmilk to feed 2 human beings...Hm....Tricky...

So, here are the cold, hard facts:

Grand total of pregnancy poundage- 54? - I didn't get weighed the last couple days so it is likely more :0

Pounds lost thus far by sheer luck and mother nature reclaiming her bucket of water: 30

Pounds to go: 24- le sigh... And this doesn't count the 10 pounds I gained before we got pregnant. But I'm not thinking about those 10 right now...

So join me on my journey! Feel free to share your own weight-loss struggles & successes (unless of course you're that stick-bug wearing size 4s referenced above).

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  1. I also love looking into other people's houses - it was the best part of house hunting - seeing how they decorated and the layout of the house. I may join you after the total weigh in and birthing... because I was never a stick bug and size fours are as foreign to me as... the Pygmie lifestlye.
    But congrats on the losing 30 so far! I'll keep my fingers crossed that chocolate cake + BFing = minus 30 pounds for me too! Because yum! Cake!