Saturday, April 25, 2009

Manning Up

It's time to Man Up me sayeth.  

This seems to have worked on B.  He scheduled his SA for Wednesday! Woot!  This was something that we've talked about for...well, way too freaking long! There would always be a lot of subject-changing every time the self-love-in-a-cup-for-medicine convo came up.  Unfortunately, I am like the ADD Poster child so I'm very susceptible to this technique.  

Me: When are you going to get your SA?

B: Do you know if strawberries are in season?


There is another issue that has been a point of much discussion, ahem, dirty looks & covert fighting tactics by yours truly.  We will call this the Tobacco is Satan argument.  B is shall we say, a social smoker.  He smokes when he has a drink.  And he's Irish.  So, that's a regular thing. Now, I have no interest in being a mother to my husband.  I don't want to nag & preach. I want him to be healthy.  I want him to not be stanky.  But lately I'm a little like the Fertility Police. I want his sperms to be strong like gladiators!  In his defense, he's been trying very hard to quit and has cut back a lot.  But still....grrr....evil looks come out whenever he has a moment of weakness.
Maybe the real problem has something to do with B's politics.  He's an independent.  And apparently my spleen is getting a lot of sperm canoodling action. 

ps.  Never google images for "strong sperm" unless you want to be traumatized FOREVER

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