Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fatness Friday (4 days late)

I posted this on my other, family-friendly blog and then didn't post it here. Oops! Speaking of- I'm considering discontinuing this blog :(. The content on my other one is exactly the same and it's turning into busy work to double post. Would y'all follow me to my other blog or no? What if I say pretty please???

Anyway, here's Friday's post:

So apparently this here blogosphere is all about alliteration. Which, I can totally appreciate. Meal-Planning Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, ad nauseum. They should, really, by the way, have a day of the week that starts with "B" or "C" so that I could start having a Beer Bursday or Cocktail Consday. I no longer carry fetuses in my belly so I can now drink!

ADD rant now complete, I will officially be starting Fatness Fridays!!! Yaaaay! I said I was going to be tracking my weight loss and I haven't really been on top of that so now you get a special day of the week. To date, here is my progress:

Pounds lost: 37
Pounds lost this week: .8 (sad...)
Pounds to go: 17

I'm sort of half-assing a weight watchers plan. Me and the points-counting don't so much get along although damn, if it doesn't work. My goal this past week of getting in 30 minutes of activity was way-layed by mother nature and snow. My lack of motivation only played a small role in this failure. I swear...

So for this week I will track every point of every bite and I will get in that stinkin physical activity, come rain or shine.

In other news:
I have pimped out some of your blogs (see sidebar). If you don't want to be broadcast to the masses (ahem- my parents and in-laws) then shoot me a note and I'll remove you. Ditto if you want to be added, mmkay?

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  1. I would totally follow you on the other blog, but what is it?