Monday, January 25, 2010

Under Pressure

Here is a short list (I hope) of things that are stressing me out about this whole parenthood gig:

1. My posse is leaving this week. The grandparents (aka- Angels From Heaven or Baby Saviors) will be departing to their respective long-distance homes this week. This means that B & I will have to juggle all of the following by ourselves: laundry, dinners, household cleaning, oh yeah- and the feeding, changing, burping of 2 young ones every 3 hours while I try to pump about that often.

Now, if that doesn't scar the bejesus out of you, then continue on a tour of my anxiety-induced ruminations:

2. My babies hate my breasts. It's true. I try to stick them on and they want none of it. Finn often thrashes around like a 90's Headbanger and once I get him on, he pushes me off. It reminds me of the Borderline Personality patients I used to work with- "I hate you! Don't leave me! I need you! Why aren't you FIXING THIS NOW!!!" I hated those patients. Nowadays, if I get a hint of a "personality disordered" aftertaste from somebody I avoid them like the plague...

3. Childcare (or- you want to do unspeakable acts to my wallet). Nuf said

1 comment:

  1. I found with breastfeeding it was all about relaxing... (I know, you want to stab me, don't worry just saying it makes me want to stab myself as well... sorry) it really does help though. Also, maybe call in a lactation consultant?? If you're like me that will probably stress you out even more, but if you're lucky, you'll get a good one who can really help.

    Regardless... you're doing a great job, being a mommy with one is stressful enough, let alone 2!! Try to enjoy and I do promise you, someday in the future you will look back and it will seem to have gone by so fast and you will miss these moments, this crazy time... Soak it in as much as you can. xoxox