Monday, March 16, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

So, I went to the endocrinologist today for my follow-up.  45 minutes and a $40 copay later and I was finally seen.  It was an anti-climactic 5 minutes.  She took my blood pressure, encouraged me to increase my Metformin dose to 2000 if I continue to tolerate the 1500mg, and sent me out the door with the name and number for both a Reproductive Endocrinologist and an OBGYN. 

I think my supervisor thinks I have Cancer or some scary chronic condition.  Infertility IS a scary chronic condition.  Especially if you're talking to 50-something men, like my supervisor...I hate those awkward conversations.  "Um...I have a doctor's appointment... and I'm going to have some more.  Wanna hear about my broken vagina?"  That's about right.  Except I don't talk about my special broken parts.

I saw on Facebook a friend of mine is pregnant... with twins! Oh yes, the Hulk-like transformation is taking over!  I have become bitter, jealous infertile woman.  I'm going to end up one of those crazies who walks around with a doll in a stroller, throwing it birthday parties, and introducing it to my friends.  B says if this ever happened, he would have me locked up.  I asked if I could take my fake baby with me.  But then that's probably not a good idea.  Some wild woman named Billy Jo would probably use it to put cigarettes out on if I were locked up.  Oops, I just got prison and the mental hospital confused!

Well, maybe this month will be good.  Day 14 and my temps are looking good. Plus our magical lube came in the post today.  Ovulation + Magic Lube + Boot Knockin + L.U.C.K. = Maybe Baby. I'll keep hoping...

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