Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Insurance Companies Bite

I did it!  I scheduled an appointment with an RE.  Who knew I was going to be a giant stress ball about this whole thing?  I was obsessing over who to see b/c I didn't want some hack messing around with all my reproductive bits. So, thanks local nesties for your recommendations!  I'm actually looking forward to my first appointment!  

Find RE- Check!
Schedule w/ RE- Check!
Get bent over by insurance company- Check!

I guess this is pretty standard, but I don't care!  I called my insurance company to find out what they cover.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello, what's your definition of infertility?

Operator: Infer-what?

Me: Infertility, you moronic bimbo.  Me no make babies good

Operator: Oh. Broken baby-maker.  Let me look that up.  (typing)  Here's our definition: Infertility- the universe's way of controlling the world's population.  Guess you'll have to pay for this yourself.  (laughs maniacally)

Me: (Bent Over) Fuck.  

I'd sure like to know why we pay premium price for pitiful coverage.  $40 co-pays and now infertility treatments that will suck our wallets clean with the kind of intensity not seen since Jenna Jamison. 

Sorry for all the sexual references in this post.  But hell, we're talking about reproduction here people!

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  1. Oh Brooke, for as serious as this is for you I love how you put it into words (four letter ones) that I can understand it. You sense of humor must pull you through the dark days. Keep a smile on your beautiful face, you'll make a great mother b/c you can laugh at the most awful things. Cheers from an '07 Knottie.
    Deanne (d&jb)