Sunday, March 29, 2009

Empty Rooms

So B and I went to Glenwood Springs for a romantic weekend.  HA!  Our romance was trumped with house-buying madness.  We were completely preoccupied with our house, house, house! Time alloted for canoodling and eye-gazing was usurped by house negotiations with our landlord/realtor/pal who was also on a mountain getaway, hostile take-overs of the 1 hotel computer, & manipulating the various front-desk women into allowing us to use their scanner. 

Friends of ours know we've been looking for a house for almost a year.  Our search began April 2008 and we have tried to buy 8... yes 8... houses in that time.  

House 1- under contract before we offered
House 2- Contract!  But they refused to lower the price $10g or fix the roof so we walked away
House 3- under contract when we saw 
House 4- Contract! Short Sale....nuf said
House 5- Told there were so many offers that we "shouldn't bother"
House 6- Outbid
House 7- Won the bidding war.  Learned the house was falling down & walked away
House 8- Maybe??? The one???

So, this house is pretty great.  Great hood, great character, nice backyard, and 3 bedrooms so there's room to grow.  And here's where I start to feel weird...

Ideally...I wanted a 4-bedroom.  Room for a master, and the 3 kids B & I have planned.  3 bedrooms is a compromise since we ::might:: grow out of it in a few years.   That's a mighty big might.  I should have written it in a ginormous font.  What if those other 2 bedrooms sit there and we never grow out of this house???  Sure, our guests will be plenty comfy in their nice queen as opposed to some blow-up mattress (you're welcome mom & dad), but I know the 'rents would gladly tolerate some morning aches & pains in exchange for grandbabies.  

I sure hope things turn out and we fill up those rooms (please God, at least one of them) and they don't sit there as a testament to my biological failure to procreate. 

Meanwhile, I'm already thinking about our next trip.  And my new fugly-ass kitchen...

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