Monday, May 11, 2009

Puppies & Rainbows

..and sperm that swim like Michael Phelps (when he's not smoking a bowl).  These are things I'm thankful for! 

We'  Hearing that news was the first time in this whole process I realized we could actually get pregnant.  It could happen. We're even thinking about going the old fashioned boot-knocking route this cycle over an IUI.  It wouldn't quite fit the old fashioned baby-making way since we've got medicine on our side. But, in the midst of buying a house, we could really save the money.  Hail Mary Pass, here we come!

Other fert news: My HSG showed clear tubes!  But damn if it didn't hurt like a bitch! I started to cry and I even screamed at one point (Yeah, I'm a total pansy). But I think the woman was trying to make cave drawings in my ute with that catheter deal.  When the woman by my head said, "She's crying" the woman down in the business area started to really move things along.  She was like, "Go! Go! Go! Log roll left! Log roll right!" It was kind of like a radiology-meets-lumberjack-competition extravaganza. I appreciated her willingness to expedite the process since I thought I might just die. 

For the record, I also appreciate all you readers and your wonderful comments.  You are the cream cheese to my cranberry bagel.

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