Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Pity Party is VIP

I have officially turned into a whiner.  B calls me a Princess all the time (and not in a complimentary way), but now I am full-on Veruca Salt. I justify this bitchtastic behavior with more whining about my situation.  Pull up your chairs, little ones, and I'll tell you a sad tale. 

There are benchmarks in a woman's life- home, work, and family.  I am currently in the Trifecta (aka- Shitstorm) of said benchmarks. Behold my reasoning:

Benchmark 1- I did a little searcharoo the other day and realized we started searching (meaning, physically 
going out to look at homes) on April 21, 2008.  Yes, my friends. B and I have been in this House Rat Race for over.a.year. Update: We are currently under contract for House #11, passed inspection last week (whaaa?!), and are now in unchartered territory.  Now, this is actually good news. I'm just tired of trying to buy a house and getting disappointed. I keep waiting for proverbial shoe to drop. So, I'm stressed. We're supposed to close on the 28th.  Wish us luck! Oh, and I chose a gingerbread house because I'm into comfort-eating these days.  YUM!

Benchmark 2- Work. More than Rumor has it my company is being sold. security is pretty nonexistant.  Now, I don't really like my job. In fact, my first emotional response to learning we were being sold was AAAAH! HAPPINESS! I have an offer to do exactly what I want- Private Practice!- Heading up a division of a friend's business. Yay!!! Now, that means I might rich bitch, but not for a while. For awhile I'll be po' fo' sho.'  Now, There's no guaruntee I'm going to lose my job.  I plan on playing things Kate Winslet-style and stay on the Titanic as long as possible whilst wittling myself a life raft. But I am STRESSED!

Benchmark 3- Maybe you haven't heard but I can't have babies. Yeah, it sucks. Blame stress, blame Clomid, or blame my insurance, but I was boo-hooing in my stupid cube on Friday.  Anybody else think crying at work is the WORST??? I have my HSG tomorrow, we haven't heard back on B's spermies (Hello? It's been 10 days!), and my best friend just had Baby #2 Friday. Ugh. Nuf said.

End Whine. Veruca out.

Now Warm Fuzzies!  I am infinitely thankful for the following things: B, our dog, a roof over my head, B, an emergency fund, almost no credit card debt, beer, wine, B, my family, my friends, my 32C tatas, sunshine, ponies, and rainbows.


  1. sounds like you need a vacation---away from it all!! Stopping by from SITS...hope your week gets better!

  2. That's a whole lot of stress right there. I'm so glad the house thing appears to be working out. The whole buying-a-house song and dance is completely ridiculous and the sooner you can get it out of the way, the bettah.

    Best of luck with your HSG! Mine started out totally fine and ended up with me having a CARDIAC EPISODE and fainting. I came to when the (hot) doctor pried my kees apart and asked me, "You OK up there?" Good stuff. Fingers crossed for open tubes!