Monday, August 31, 2009

Behind the 8-Ball

So, apparently I should have a nursery done, furniture ordered, stroller ordered, etc.

What have I done thus far to ready the world for Thing 1 and Thing 2? Well, I ran screaming out of a Moms of Multiples sale a couple weeks ago (true story) when I realized I didn't know the difference between ANYTHING baby-related. I also stalked a mother of infant twins in the grocery store and accidentally vandalize a stroller at Target while trying to figure out if it took 2 infant seats. I already feel like a complete failure in the maternal department.

I don't even eat well or exercise....Huh.... FAIL

But I did give into the pressure and after much internet-shoppage decided on a stroller (I think)

Behold! The Kolcraft Contours Something or Other!Apparently, all twin stroller weigh about a ton, which is fine. I'll pant and sweat all over my offspring in the name of good mothering and postnatal weightloss.

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  1. I can't wait to hear if you like the stroller... I did some looking online the other day and holy $$$$$. I don't know much baby related stuff either.. whats a MoM sale and where did you find it?