Saturday, June 6, 2009

Click! Click! Click!

....that's the sound of all the shiz in my life clicking into place. It has been a busy week!

House- 13 months of searching, 11 offers, 5 contracts and we closed yesterday


Reproduction- Beta quadrupled Thursday.  241 to 1119. 


I'm so freaking blessed I can't hardly stand myself.  I think I have officially turned into one of those people I have always secretly hated.... That's right, people.  I'm a hater. Hollerrr!!

And for all you interested peoples out there in pregnancy symptoms- I basically am having none.  I pretty much feel crampy like I'm going to start my period any day (which does NOT inspire confidence in this uterus's ability to act as an incubator.  But I've heard it's normal). I also get a little vertigo in the mornings while I'm getting ready. And of course, I've got the PMS-like torpedo boobs.  Please reference entries right before May.

Grasping at straws, I could say I've developed an aversion to icecream sandwiches and I want salty foods.  The second part doesn't seem like a symptom since I always LOVE salty foods! Oh, and our car air freshener smells like doughnuts to me.  YUM! I've also been going to bed at 9 recently cause I'm tired like a MO FO.  That's it.

Have a great weekend! I'm a pregnant homeowner y'all!  CLICK!

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