Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I need a psychologist

I don't believe I'm pregnant. Seriously.

I had HCG bloodwork Monday (14dpo). The nurse called and said, "You're definitely pregnant."
(For you number-loving gals, my Beta was 241 and my Progesterone was 51)

I'm going in again tomorrow for another Beta.

I keep waiting for my bad luck to catch up to me. I wish I could be optimistic and enjoy being pregnant, but it's just not in the cards.... sigh....

Also, we've told our immediate families our good news. While this has been wonderful (I WANT TO TELL EVERYONE!), it makes me feel vulnerable. I keep thinking about how I'm going to have to call when I lose it.

Is this level of paranoia normal??? Any recommendations?


  1. I once lurked on thebump's first trimester boards. There was a woman who had found out she was pregnant on Monday. It was Saturday and she was showing off the new stroller she had just bought. At less than 5 weeks pregnant.

    That is when I knew that even if I got a BFP I would never have the luxury of being a regular pregnant woman. It sucks that IF takes that from us too. I hope as the weeks progress and your stomach gets bigger you will finally get to REALLY enjoy this. Cause guess what? YOU ARE PREGNANT!! WOOHOO!!

  2. Hey found you on SITS...first off, CONGRATS! How exciting...and as a mother of three I can tell you that the paranoia is totally normal...i feared the same thing during the first trimester of every pregnancy...i hope that all goes well and that you can enjoy being a baby making machine!! can't wait to check back in and see how things go! come on by and say hi anytime!