Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hold Onto Your Hats...

We're having TWINS.

I waited 2 days to post this because, well, I had to screw my head back on...

So, here's the story of how our world blew up:

Friday Morning I woke up with some spotting.  Freak out commenced despite all rational knowledge that this is NORMAL.  It's like there's the side of my brain that is rational and the side that is pregnant.  The pregnant side definitely hijacked the smarty pants side.

So, I call our RE and she nicely accommodates My Crazy by moving our appointment up from Tuesday. 

And then I burst into tears in the car as we drive to the RE because I KNOW  (Ahem- clearly my "maternal instinct" is more broken than Jon & Kate's marriage)

And then we go into the ultrasound room and THIS pops up on the screen:
(only right side up...OOPS!)

So after B almost passed out (truth) we realized

Side note: We're not quite sure HOW this happened. Ultrasound monitoring revealed only 1 Contender Egg. It also revealed that said Egg was the only one released after the trigger.  So we hypothesize that Baby B's Egg was like, "I'm breaking out! I'm blowing this Ovary!" and snuck out a few days later.

Don't get me wrong.  We're over the moon excited.  And we're also scared shitless.  People do this all the time, right?  


  1. Wow--congrats to you! Such exciting news! I'm sure you guys will be great!

  2. Amazing news. AMAZING.

    Friends of mine have triplets. There was much hand-wringing and worrying they would be terrible parents and couldn't imagine juggling three babies.

    The babies celebrated their first birthday on Saturday and you'd think my friends had made a career out of raising sets of triplets. You'll manage and be a total pro in no time!

    Again, yay!