Thursday, October 29, 2009

Give me a 35!

35 is now my magic number. I must, must, must make it to 35 weeks (which is 10 weeks away).

The reasons are 3-fold:

1. Healthy babies (dur)

2. At 35 weeks, I meet my 1 year of employment. IF (and that's one whopping IF) I make it to 35 weeks without going on any kind of disability (read- bedrest where I can't work from home), then I get the first 8 weeks of maternity leave paid at 100%. 100 percent suckas!

3. If I give birth before the end of the year then I get bent over by insurance. Allow me to explain this shitstorm. We're changing insurance carriers effective Jan 1. IF these little nuggets of love decide to make their debut at the end of this year and we end up in the hospital in 2009 AND 2010, we'll get hit with hospital co-pays by BOTH insurance companies- and those are no small little co-pays my people. Yargh!

So, I'm going to cross my legs, hang upside down, do whatever is in my power to keep working & keep these babes in their happy utero home for another 10 weeks (and 1 day), which would be ideal.

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