Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Enforcer

My husaband is "The Enforcer." But really? He's a freaking rock star in the husbandly department. Allow me to elaborate!

In a likely futile effort to stave off bed rest or Pre-Term Labor, we're doing "pre-emptive bedrest." This is something B has been on me about since the scary belly pulling incident 3 weeks ago. It has not been put into place by our doctor. It is "Bedrest according to B" and it's sort of like Dr. Luke on crack cocaine. Basically, I lay around like a fat slob as much as possible. And when I'm not laying around, I'm sitting.

I'm allowed to do a few household chores here and there but nothing that involves lifting or bending. I still clean the kitchen and put things away. I feed & water our dog when B's not around- otherwise, he does it (he says it's too much bending over).

And here's where B is a rockstar. My lack of helpfulness leaves a vacuum in the household chores. A vacuum B has had to fill. Not only has he done so graciously, he has been working like a madman on our house. He spent the entire day yesterday painting our master bedroom (no small task when he had to paint all the trim too. And when your house is 115 years old, there is A LOT of trim), installing a new doorbell, and putting in smoke detectors. Last weekend was basically the same. And he does it all without complaint.

So, while I get frustrated being on the couch, not helping, I'm infinitely grateful that I hitched my wagon to a freaking great man. He was worth the wait. All 27 years of it. I can only hope our children find the kind of relationship he and I have. I'm so stinkin blessed I can't stand it.

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