Thursday, July 16, 2009

Head Wound Baby

When I was in high school, my BFF and I had a little convo about the newly popular baby headband. Seen below:

In essence, we came to the conclusion that these little fashion contraptions meant to signal your baby's awesome fashionista qualities actually looked like head wound wraps (seen below):

(Poor doggy). This little observation has forever been seared on my brain. So whenever I see a little bald baby sportin one of those head wraps I always think, "Aw, poor little head wound baby..."

Now, I'm not promising I won't stick one of those suckers on my baby (or babies) if one or both end up with lady bits. Hell, I'm not even above sticking it on my male baby if he tells me he was born into the wrong body and wants to be called Jackie instead of Jack (of course, this would be awfully advanced for a bald baby of minus 12 months but my children will be GIFTED G-DAMMIT!). Of course, it's hard to say definitively what you will and will not do as a parent until it happens. But until then, I'm going to look at your baby's head and think, "Aw, poor little head wound baby."

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  1. Those bows make me want to go on a killing spree in a baby bow factory. That one in particular looks like something you'd see hanging on for dear life around someone's pasty thigh at a wedding reception.

    This - - however, is elevnty billions kinds of darling.