Friday, July 3, 2009

Scary Doctor's Visit

So we had our second ultrasound yesterday. I was so much more relaxed this time, joking with B & Mom in the waiting room. Then we rolled all casual Entourage-Style into the ultrasound room to see how our progeny, Babies A & B, had grown over the last 13 days.

Baby A- Looked like a Gingerbread Man holding a balloon (or sperm if you think like that... which you know I totally do). Heartbeat came in at a whopping 120, which was a surprise but whatev.

Baby B- Looked like a wad of chewing gum I pulled out of my hair when I was in kindergarten and this girl who didn't like me put it there (SO upsetting!!- The gum incident, not Baby B's blobby appearance). Baby B was rocking it out in my ute. He/She had a heartrate of 171!!! Holy Richard Simmons!

ps. These pictures SUCK b/c we're hillbillies and we don't have a scanner.

Then the Physician's Assistant (who I usually LOVE) came in and pooped on us. She may as well have laid a hot steamy turd in the middle of the room and said, "This is for you!" She said she was concerned about Baby A's low heart rate and it should be in the 140's at the very least. So she wanted to see me back in a week but she would be crossing her fingers and toes for me. Gee...thanks.

So we put on a brave face and grab lunch but we're all simmering with worry. Our little gingerbread baby is either Bob Marley Mellow or has some serious issues....

And then I get a voicemail from the Physician's Assistant. Baby's A heart rate was calculated incorrectly. It was actually 152. 152!!! So, I have officially graduated from the RE. Our babes are on-point. Turd retracted.

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  1. Yay for 2 awesome heartbeats! And congrats on graduating!!! Whoo hooo!!!