Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wanna Touch It?

I got 2.... yes 2 unsolicited belly rubs yesterday.

To clarify, these belly fetished peeps were not the strange guy at the deli counter ordering his pound of Gouda cheese, these were co-workers. Very nice people. And it was... SHOCKING! Hello? I'm only 10 weeks and I just look like I have a beer belly. Mmmm....I wanna rub your beer belly....

Both people said, "Oops. I should've asked you before I did that."

Here's the thing- Once I got past the shock, I effing loved it. I really, truly felt pregnant. People don't rub bellies unless there's a baby in there and Fuck yeah! I am a sacred vessel, People. Wanna rub my vessel?


  1. this is too funny! My best friend HATED when people touched her belly when she was preggo. I mean it drove her NUTS! I can't blame either of you...gross...get your grubby hands of my tummy :)

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