Thursday, November 12, 2009

Project Baby Bake- 1 Week!

So Project Baby Bake has been going for one full week today. I'm celebrating by breaking out of this mo-fo and going for a joy ride! Okay, not really, but I get to leave today and go to the doctor (first time to leave the house in a week!). I'm actually super stoked.

But here is my perplexing situation:

Doctor's appointment at 2:10 to check the lady bits. While I'm there I have to do my glucose tolerance test. Oh yes. That's right. I have reached this seminal point (is seminal an inappropriate word to use here?) in my pregnancy where we have to find out if I have the diabeetus. Sadly, B cooked a bunch of cookies last night and left the remaining few out on the counter. I've had to walk past them every time I go to the bathroom or get something to eat today which has made me call out, "Satan! You tempter of the devil diabeetus! I will thwart thee!" I keep scaring the dog but it's kept me from eating those suckers before my test today.

Oh yeah, so back to my predicament.

I can't figure out when to drink my glucose drink. It says one hour before your test. doctor's appointment is at 2:10 and I know I'm not supposed to be lolly-gagging around there when we gots to let the cervix nap. So, I'm trying to get this timing thing down and it's not working out so well. Hmmm.. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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