Friday, November 13, 2009

Update Yo

Bed Rest continues... I believe we're on Day 9. To the left you'll see a picture of my typical view during the day. That's my work laptop and my daytime companion, Noah. He likes to lay across my feet and nap. Isn't he a cutie?!

I am such a freak sometimes. I don't know why I worried about the timing of my glucose beverage. I chugged that container of vile orangeness as I got in the car and the timing was perfect. The doctor got done fiddling around with my lady bits, I got dressed, and voila! The blood lady was right there waiting for me. It was like the planets aligned.

Oh yeah, and it's status quo in Lady Town. Babies look good and there's been no change in the cervix. Which I consider good. I have no expectation of a miraculous cervical recovery. And Doctor Man confirmed my suspicions. I'll be on bed rest until the babies can come out with no worries.

I also had to get a shot. Something to do with preventing my negative-type blood from possibly attacking the babies like a rebel force. And people- this shot (given in my ample posterior) hurt like hell. I couldn't help but think, "If I'm such a pansy that this shot hurts so much, how am I supposed to birth these babies???"

Results of the glucose test? Negatory for the diabeetus. FEED ME COOKIES! But I've got an iron deficiency and have to start taking extra supplements.

And, finally, here are some baby pics that are a week old. B finally figured out how to take the babes didn't look like dark blobs.

The first picture is of our Baby Boy.

He's positioned on the left side of my belly and is head down, facing my belly button.

This picture is of our Baby Girl. She's on the right side of my belly. She's breach and lying in a C-Shape with her back to my right side and facing the middle of my belly.


  1. you should be nominated for sainthood not only for enduring bed rest (at least you have company!) but for downing the Great Orange Satan as well. i had to take it once for thyroid test and MY GOD was it awful.

    the babies look beautiful! keep on cookin', kidlets!

  2. Glad to hear that the bed rest is doing its job and that you've got no change in lady town. Hang in here!