Saturday, November 7, 2009

Project Baby Bake- Day 3

We're into Day 3 of Project Baby Bake. Here's a quick rundown of the past few days:

Wednesday: Woke up crying, went to work and tele-stalked my doctor until we finally connected at about 4pm. I hollered, "I'm 2 centimeters! Help me!" into the phone. He seemed surprised and said El Doctor Especialto always lets him know when something bad is going down in lady town. Hm...not this time, apparently. He laid out a little sketch of a plan for me-

Bed Rest for a minimum of 2 weeks. No going into work. I'm allowed to go up and down the stairs of our house once/day. I'm allowed to work from home. He would run an FFT on me and if it came back positive, we'd be looking at a little time at el hospitolio.

The rest of Wednesday was spent with me prepping to work from home and crying into the sofa cushions...Yeah...I'm tragic.

Thursday: Day 1 of Project Baby Bake. Not so bad actually. It took me forever to get downstairs and start working because I was terrified I would leave something critical upstairs. B cooked me a huge breakfast and made a ton of hard boiled eggs for me. (FYI- eating 6 eggs in one day when you don't usually do this is HELL on the bowels. Just say no.). Went to the doctor- Valet parking! Holler!- and felt completely vindicated when the ultrasound lady was horrified by El Specialto's lack of response. THANK YOU! FFD test was done. Babies look kick-ass.

Friday: Day 2 of Project Baby Bake. A little less interesting than Thursday. I started to get lonely at about 4pm. Oh, and Bed Rest was interrupted by many bathroom runs thanks to my egg overdose. FFD results came in just under the wire at 4:40pm. NEGATORY! That's right bitchez. There's a 99% chance these babies will be in utero for at least 14 more days.

Today: Day 3. I stayed upstairs in bed for as long as possible since I usually spend the day on the sofa. I decided it was important to take advantage of alternative scenery while it was available. Meanwhile, B is running around like a maniac. So far today he has cooked me breakfast, raked our yard, picked up dog poop, scrubbed the bathroom & kitchen, and left to go to Ace Hardware, the Library, and Target. man...


  1. hang in there. so glad to hear FFD results were negative! bake babies, bake!!!

  2. You've got a keeper in him! Glad your FFT was negatory! Whoo hoo!

    Note to the babies: Cook little ones! J&S are excited to hear you're coming, but they think you need to wait and get much bigger before making your grand appearance.